Helio offers Ocean for $99 after rebate and Ocean 2 on the way

Helio, SK Telecom and Virgin Mobile discuss their collective views on their combined futures behind secretive closed doors, but life continues on for customers and potential customers of Helio. One could say it has been a considerable time since anyone saw the scrappy MVNO’s release any new hardware, even more rare is a blockbuster mobile phone such as the Ocean.

It must be about time Helio shocked everyone and a sudden offer on the Helio Ocean may whisper perhaps of new equipment coming from Helio fairly soon. As it is Helio has announced they are now selling the Helio Ocean for just $99.00 after a mail in rebate.

Helio Ocean

As a reminder the Helio Ocean is the world’s first dual slider to incorporate a full QWERTY keyboard and separate numeric keyboard with a sleek and fashionable body design. The Ocean has Bluetooth and USB connectivity, 240×320 pixels colour TFT display, 200MB internal memory expandable via microSD slot, 2 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash, and weighs 5.6 oz.

Could then this be a sign the Helio Ocean is going the same route as the Apple iPhone? Could this lowering of the Ocean’s price herald the coming of the Helio Ocean 2 perhaps? Are we at last going to see something new and exciting coming from the Helio doorway? Only time will tell, and when it does we will of course be there ready to let you know and keep you up to speed, and also should there be a further reduction in price on the Helio Ocean, again we will keep you informed.

Source — Helio


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