Disposable $10 GSM mobile phone launched by Hop-on

Over the past few decades the mobile arena has come a ways from the first house brick style mobile phone, mobile phones have advanced in numerous ways since then, becoming smaller, more intelligent, and more helpful; they have virtually become a necessary commodity in this modern world. Everyone looks for the latest innovation, the next super phone that will bring yet another dimension to their busy lives.

But what if you don’t really want all that technology, you don’t need satellite navigation, text messaging, instant messaging, games, voice mail or any of the abundance of stuff available on the modern day mobile? What if all you want to do is use a mobile phone for what it was originally designed for, to make a simple call?

Advancement has been so fast that Hop-on can now offer a disposable mobile phone for the low price of just $10.00, and still makes a profit. Such a thing as a cheap throw away mobile phone, or even a throw away phone would have been unheard of a few years ago, but technology advancement has now brought us to the stage of disposable mobiles, cheaper to use it, throw it away and buy another when needed.

Hop-on are a disposable mobile phone company who keep popping up every now and then, and they have popped up this time to launch their latest the Hop-on Hop 1800 which offers the simplicity of voice only mobile communication with disposable cheapness.

For your $10, Hop-on’ Hop 1800 brings the user the straightforwardness and simplicity of mobile calling. No display, no texting, only supports dual-band GSM, and ideal mobile phone for those that either do not understand all the tech stuff in today’s modern phone, or who just simple want to make a regular call. Hop-on is to make two variants of the disposable handset; one is to be GSM 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands for the US and the other will support 900/1800 MHz GSM for Europe and Asia.

The Hop 1800 incorporates polyphonic ringtones and has an Infineon chipset for clear and crisp audio, and is available only with pre-paid minutes.

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