HTC Touch Diamond Hidden Innovations Video plus ROM Ready for Download

We all know how much the HTC Touch Diamond mobile phone is much talked about, much loved and even more so much wanted and that is whay we have told you quite a bit about it already.

Below we have a video for you to watch which we think you will like, in the video John Wang HTC’s CMO talks through some hidden innovations that you may not of heard about which are quite interesting. Some of the hidden innovations he talks about are that of the capacitive touch buttons and how they are in fact used in a camera application for approach sensitive auto-focus, he goes on to chat about the accelerometer which allows you to mute the Touch Diamond while ringing and how the Touch Diamond knows to pop up the notes application when you pull out the stylus during your conversation which is a cool feature really and of course saving time opening it yourself. The last innovation Mr. Wang talks about is how much easier it will be when the device turns as soon as you pull out the stylus. Watch the video below and enjoy, please do post your comments of what you think.

Update: HTC Diamond ROM Available — Now got to admit these people do not hang about do they? Some member over at XDA Developers has uploaded the 100mb ROM for the HTC Touch Diamond, the ROM itself is HTC Diamond stock 1.34.831.1 ROM WWE. If you wish to check out the download then please do so here.

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