What will dominate the mobile phone market? Touchscreen is a good start

We all live in a world of high technology especially when it comes to mobile phones, but a question we would love answered has to be “What will dominate the mobile phone market?

Personally the way forward is definitely the touchscreen, we all know that Apple are the ones who mainly started of the world of super class high technology when it comes to mobile phone touchscreens and that is on the Apple iPhone, their touchscreen technology is without a doubt in my mind the best we have as of yet and we know for a fact it will not stop there.

We can see all phones becoming touch sooner or later, why the hell do we need buttons/keys when we can touch our way through, touchscreen handsets such as the Apple iPhone and even the new HTC Touch Diamond will dominate the mobile phone market and will definitely push the global count to a staggering 833 million within the next 5 years (This number comes from iSuppli). iSuppli have said that technology which is being pushed by the popularity of Apple’s iPhone and it is this phone that will cause global shipments of touchscreen display phones to more than double from 2008 to 2012. At the moment there are eight well know touchscreen technologies such as projected capacitive, infrared, bending wave, surface capacitive, surface acoustic wave, resistive, optical imaging and active digitizer and we can see even more following in the near future. Other touchscreen technologies that stand out come from the likes of Sony, N-trig, TMD, Sharp and Samsung.

Where do you see touchscreen technologies in the future and what other things will dominate the mobile phone market?

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