Winamp plug-in ml_iPod helps synchronize music without iTunes: Connect Apple iPhone now

We have found a tool that has been out a while we think called ml_iPod which is a plug-in for Winamp, the great thing about this tool and we guess there are many is that you can synchronize your music without the need for iTunes.

The scenario is that you are out and about traveling and you do not have your laptop with you which has your iTunes library on it, so what do you do? Or maybe the fact is you do not like iTunes, well not to worry because this new tool which you can download may help you somewhat. When installed ml_iPod which as said is a plug-in for Winamp will allow you to copy music to your Apple iPhone through Winamp Media Library, in simple terms the plug-in adds iPhone recognition in Winamp Devices window.


Once you have connected your device Winamp notices the connected iPhone and then lets you transfer music which is very fast, personally I have not tested this but will give it a shot and let you know how I got on. Once you have finally finished uploading your music all you need to do is click “Eject” which will then write the new song database to the device, without this the iPhone will not recognize your newly copied music. Oh yeah just so you know this plug-in will also add auto fill functionality plus add cover art. We are about phones yes but thought iPod lovers would like to know it will work for you also.

For more information please visit mlipod.sourceforge.net/ or just download direct here.

Let us know how you get on?

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