Apple Update: iPhone SDK Beta 6 available, fixes bugs & adds support

The iPhone is very much talked about at the moment, it seems there is so much more information on the Apple iPhone more than ever since we heard about the 3G version.

Anyway the latest update is that Apple has just released the new sixth beta version of the iPhone SDK, the Apple iPhone SDK Beta 6 (build 9M2192, beta 6) will now fix many bugs plus adds support for the latest iPhone operating system. Just so everyone knows and of course we will try and keep this simple you must know that before installing and developing with the 6th beta version of the iPhone SDK you MUST first upgrade you Mac system to Mac OS X v10.5.3. To upgrade you Apple Mac you must go to system preferences and then select “Software Update” to install the latest version.

A little more info on stats, Peter Oppenheimer, CFO during Apple’s Q2 08 conference call on April 23 said that SDK has already been downloaded 200,000 times and around one-third of the Fortune companies are using it to develop apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. For more information and the download please click here, you can also see the iPhone SDK release notes for Beta 6 here.

Let us know how you get on.

Source — iPhone World

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