Apple 3G iPhone in UK for only £100: O2 subsidise new model

All those waiting for the new Apple 3G iPhone will be excited by the latest news, the Apple 3G iPhone for only £100. The 3G iPhone will go on sale in the UK for around about £100 thanks to O2 subsidising the new model.

Apple is apparently and we say apparently because this is what we like to say until the real deal happens, anyway they are adjusting its strategy to boost sales, which means new deals with operators have revealed the company’s changing of the fixed price and exclusive partner business plan in order to hit a staggering 10 million iPhone sales target for this year alone.

The second-generation Apple iPhone will be revealed by Steve Jobs at the company’s WWDC08 developer event in the States next week. Even more good news is the fact that the new model should be in the shops by July 2008 which is shortly after the launch in America. UBS analysts think that the Apple 3G iPhone will be available in Europe for as little as (You ready for this?) 99 Euros, and that O2 could indeed subsidise the cost of the 3G iPhone, thus meaning the price gets dropped to a mere £100.

CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood says “: “They are also looking for more flexibility on how the operators can price the iPhone, although I am not convinced that they will let them have open season on the price, as they have a lucrative iPod market to protect”.

Source – Times Online and Macworld

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