Video leaked of the Sony Ericsson Paris or is that P200?

Well you’ve had the spec’s to the Sony Ericsson Paris, or shouldn’t that actually now be the Sony Ericsson P200, anyway there is now a demo video on YouTube of what appears to be the Sony Ericsson Paris/P200. The video does have the SE World logo, and does look seemingly fair to professionally made, so let’s just hope that the swanky style model depicted in the video is actually the new mobile phone.

What is known is the Sony Ericsson Paris or P200 depending on what they eventually decide to go with, is the first Sony Ericsson slider to run on the Symbian UIQ 3.3 operating system, and will incorporate a 20 key QWERTY keypad along with rocker keypad, HSDPA and a 2.6 inch display.
Still rumoured and as yet unconfirmed is that the Sony Ericsson Paris/P200 will also sport AGPS support that is defaulted to Google Maps, a radio of some description, a Walkman player and WiFi.

The Sony Ericsson Paris, which according to the video is what it is still called despite an earlier post, see (here), stating it has changed to the P200, is scheduled to arrive this September with an approximate price tag of 400 Euros.

Anyway, whatever it’s called, Paris or P200, in the video it looks a real cool stylish mobile phone, and the guy in the vid has some stylish gear too.

Video below:

Source — pocket-lint

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