AT&T offering free WiFi at Starbucks today or is it 2009 or is it false?

The latest news is all about AT&T and Starbucks which all seems a little suspect to me, but anyway reports are showing that AT&T have intentions of offering free WiFi starting June 3rd which is today people.

The funny thing is we have seen over on the Starbucks site (See Here) nothing showing this, I bet your bottom dollar they meant to say June 3rd 2009 instead of just plain old June 3rd which is today. We know for a fact that AT&T have been going back and forth with their so called FREE WiFi in Starbucks locations, as I am writing this news it is kind of embarrassing me a little to report it really, but hey ho we have to tell you how it is.

All we know as off yesterday it was not free at all, and so far today nothing suggests it is free today or maybe I am looking in the wrong places. You will be able to get internet access for $3.99 for two hours, that much we do know, obviously that is of course if you are not using the Starbucks gift card which will get you 2 hours of Wi-Fi daily. One question which would be nice answered is “Is there any special plans for the iPhone which has WiFi?

If you know of anything of the above, please do contact us via the comments area below.

Source – Zatznotfunny

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