Google GPhone Rumour Crushed: Android Powered Phone coming 2008 not 2009

We have some good news for all you waiting on the Android Powered Google GPhone, many websites are claiming that the GPhone will be arriving in 2009, but these were rumours apparently.

Even though I am more of a lover for the Apple 3G iPhone I am still waiting for the Google Phone because it really does seem interesting, there is not much news on prices, specs, dates etc but we have reported on numerous occasion of what it will have of the application side of things. According to the sources shown below the 2009 release rumour is false so you need not worry anymore.

Wires were obviously crossed when a report came in stating that this handset was coming in 2009, Google have indeed addressed this issue and confirmed that it is definitely on track to announce the Google Android powered phones this year. A spokesperson has claimed that partners were publicly stating they plan to ship Android phones in the 4th quarter.

So come on people keep those rumours coming, but be assured we all find out the real news at the end of the day.

Just a few questions to Phones Review readers: “What are you expecting from Android powered phones? Do you think it will beat the Apple 3G iPhone?

Source – CNET & The Street

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