USB Dongle price slashed in half by Vodafone

As of the first of June, Vodafone UK’s mobile broadband USB modems, or Dongles will be reduced in price from the original selling price of £99.00 dropped down to £49.00 on Vodafone’s thirty day contract price plans. Vodafone says this move is part of the companies’ committal to ensuring mobile broadband becomes more accessible to consumers.

This move by Vodafone follows the three new pricing tiers they introduced back in April which at present are… Mobile Broadband 3GB – £15.00 per month on 12/18/24 month contracts…Mobile Broadband 30 Day 3GB – £20.00 per month on 30 Day contract…Mobile Broadband 5GB – £25.00 per month on 12/18/24 month contract.

Vodafone’s networks allow the USB modem/Dongle stick to connect at up to 7.2Mbp, which just happens to be twice as fast as their nearest rival 3, who just happened to reduce their prices on Pay As You Go broadband dongles too, slashing them down to £49.99 bringing their customers a £50.00 saving back in April.

This sort of thing leads for great competition and benefits the consumer greatly by bringing prices down to a more affordable level, shame Vodafone and all the other mobile phone suppliers out there don’t do the same with their mobile phones. Well I suppose they do offer certain free handsets on particular contracts so I guess I can’t gripe too much.

Source — pocket-lint


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