Does AT&T Encryption Services Secure Data and Email for Businesses?

AT&T recently announced the availability of managed security services that will apparently help business users protect their data. We want to know if the AT&T Encryption Services really works.

AT&T Encryption Services is mainly focusing on the protection of information by indeed providing encryption services and management of digital signatures “in the cloud”. There are many capabilities of the AT&T Encryption Services which include authentication of the e-mail sender, e-mail confidentiality to help prevent unauthorized parties from accessing critical messages and attachments and a validation of the integrity of the e-mail message and its contents that ensures the recipient that the message was not modified. Obviously there is much more to this new service and the portfolio is as follows.

Encrypted Mail: Developed to encrypt e-mail messages and attachments on the personal computer, this offer supports Outlook, Lotus Notes, Outlook Express, BlackBerry and Webmail – Encrypted Mail Exchange:This enables businesses to establish groups within a message-exchange platform, which provides full encryption services for e-mail and e-mail attachments – Encrypted Documents: This feature establishes the secure exchange of sensitive information between an individual and a user group by encrypting folder or network drives and all of the data contained within them – Encrypted Mail Gateway: An enterprise policy-management filter transparently determines whether e-mail should be encrypted. It features industry-trusted encryption standards such as PKI, X.509 and S/MIME and includes a message-pickup center for non subscribers and Encrypted Document Delivery: This offer provides the functionality to replace regular postal communications used for statements, invoices and notices with secure, signed and trusted e-mail messages and statement notifications.

For more information please visit – www.business.att.com/enterprise/Portfolio/eb_security/

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