Continental Mobiles Sponsors Phones Review: Luxury Mobile Phones

You may have noticed that we have added a new section called “Phones Review Sponsors” and one of them recently added is the superb “Continental Company” called “Continental Mobiles”.

Continental Mobiles have a great range of hand tailored mobile phones and exclusive gifts which looks absoluty stunning, below you will learn about this company and what they do and of course what they are about. Continental Mobiles Bespoke British Tailoring for Luxury Mobile Phones & Exclusive Gifts.

Each Piece in their online collection is hand tailored in England using world class materials and opulent craftsmanship. Launched in September 2006, ContinentalMobiles.com is the premiere online boutique for luxury goods. Intricate detailing is meticulously achieved by their expert engineers’; meaning precision & beauty is achieved in each piece.


Using the same traditional methods as many suit tailors in England, their skilled engineers carefully customise each piece in the collection by hand, using state of the art tools. They use 24 karat gold plating in yellow, 18 karat rose gold plating & white Platinum plating. The diamonds are also set by hand precisely. They use top quality VVS1 diamond upgrades – the result; a beautiful & timeless piece of art.

Exclusive precision & exquisite design is an ethos that they strive for.

Haute Couture
Their Bespoke service allows their clientele to uniquely personalise their Mobile Phone or Exclusive gift into a prestigious & individual art form. Gold finishes in yellow, rose’ and white can be created for you. Top quality diamonds (where applicable) can be tailored by clarity, colour, cut & carat weight. A laser engraving service is also available for clientele on selected models.

The Briefcase
They take the delivery and care of their pieces very seriously. Each Continental piece is hand delivered in a unique polished walnut briefcase designed to enclose the packaging perfectly. Their briefcase is a sophisticated innovation solely available through Continental Mobiles, providing both elegance & security which reflects their passion for detail.

Continental Gold Card
A unique & prestigious laser cut, 24k gold satin plated card, will be included at no additional charge with any purchase made online. The gold card represents true British Tailoring.

The Gloves
With a piece as precious as a Continental Phone they really want to give you the option to handle it with the same care and attention as they do. Please accept these specially designed micro fibre gloves. Beautiful, practical and cleansing.

Careful handling of your Continental Mobiles product will be rewarded with many years of enjoyment. Finger marks and the dulling caused by day-to-day wear can be removed by lightly polishing with a micro fibre cloth. Please note: Excessive rubbing may damage the protective coatings applied to some metals.

Other simple guidelines include:
– Do not spray perfume or other solvents on to jewellery.
– Always store your jewellery carefully after wearing.
– Do not use silver dips.
– Sandblasted finishes can be cleaned with a soft eraser.
– Do not wear whilst swimming.

All customers have coverage with us for a whole year after purchase.

You have complete peace of mind and reassurance that we will assist you in the event of your product developing any software or material related faults.

Their Collection are as follows:

Diamond Collection
From the mysterious depths, from cataclysmic powers beyond imagination, like the Phoenix born of flame – thus rises The Diamond. Alike nothing else; The Diamond captures breathtaking beauty and indomitable hardness, with virginal purity and flawlessness of its character. Such perfect clarity reflects the very souls of those who observe it. Come; let us lose ourselves in wonder.

Vivid Collection
A vision leads our creation of the Vivid Collection; like a pulsing lighthouse, rays of warm cozy sunshine cast down upon a summers day. Lit from behind, a distant haze bears a rainbow overarching sweet green meadow. That glorious glowing aura of gold and saturated brilliance. That most sublime beauty of nature, reborn. Fellow aesthetes – prepare to feast your senses.

Platinum Collection

Finished in Platinum, most coveted of precious metals, our collection of cutting-edge phones conveys understated elegance and a graceful style. The exclusive collection of phones, including the Apple iPhone, have all been given the hand-crafted Continental finish. There is no finer way to declare your individuality, attention to detail and pursuit of excellence than through the Continental Platinum Collection.

Classic Gold Collection
Gold – Pure, wonderful Gold. The fates of civilizations have been guided by the pursuit of this singular commodity for thousands of years. Empires will rise and fall and the face of the world will change. Yet the timeless, ancient splendour of Gold will forever gleam in the eyes of men. Continental Mobiles invites you to celebrate with us.

White Gold Collection

White gold, unblemished and innocent. The Continental White Gold Collection is a pure reflection of your individualism and strength of character. The range of phones we have selected to embody these qualities are perfectly balanced and will enhance your appreciation of the technology and design beyond measure.

Rose Gold Collection

Somewhat more durable than classic yellow Gold, Rose Gold is a rare material. Traditionally used for wedding bands due to its beauty, along with its structural integrity, today these same properties lend themselves perfectly to our phones. Nonchalant refinement, grace and ease. A quiet dignity and sensual warmth. The Strawberry Rose 18k Gold collection interprets and exemplifies these facets of a mercurial nature. .

Obsession Aphrodite Collection

The Obsession collection was first inspired by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, lust & beauty. Obsession marvelled in her infinite qualities. From that moment, it was certain that the first collection would be sculpted & touched with the beauty of her name.

Go on see if there is anything you like over at www.continentalmobiles.com

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