Apple 3G iPhone Subsidies Update: Starting price of $199, not public yet!

We have found some important information via USA Today who are reporting some very interesting additional confirmations to rumours that the next-gen Apple 3G iPhone will really benefit from carrier subsidies, get this readers; the new Apple iPhone 2.0 will start at only $199.

This price of only $199 is very good news if all true and according to the people in the know this is down from the original and current $399 and $499, of course sources have declined to be cited by name or even affiliation because AT&T and Apple have not yet authorized anyone to speak about the pricing publicly until after today’s announcement.

The $199 price is being subsidized; you must remember that “USA Today” could not confirm these details so take it with a pinch of salt until later today. Back in April it was reported with rumours of a $200 rebate alongside speculation of GPS and a thinner design which we have already spoke about here on Phones Review. So far Foxxconn who are Apple’s iPhone manufacturer has shipped only 1000 units of this device and that there are suggestions of an actual launch date will be around June 15-July 15th in the U.S.

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