Will the Apple 3G iPhone see decline in RIM BlackBerry and Palm sales? Apparently Not

The Apple iPhone, damn I am going to personally be dreaming about this handset tonight after speaking so much about it, but hey you are our dedicated readers and you are the ones that want to know all about the latest news, the Apple 3G iPhone is the most talked about at the moment so we have to give you the news how it is. If we are boring you then we apologise in advance.

Now with the soon to be launch Apple 3G iPhone which Steve Jobs will chat about at 10am San Francisco time you may all think that this device will see decline in sales of handsets from RIM BlackBerry and Palm, but according to product-reviews.net this is not to be, it is in fact the opposite as they put it. After the first iPhone was launched the sales of the BlackBerry smartphone increased by 38 percent over the following year. Many sites including ourselves has reported news with “iPhone Killer” within the titles and it seems that when Apple iPhone sales pick up so do other devices.

Could this be down to brand awareness or increased awareness so to speak of next generation phones, the iPhone brings in millions of phone users all looking for the same thing and that is information, some users however look for alternatives to the iPhone because they think they will get the alternative phone cheaper. There are around about 1.2 billion mobile phones on the market, but we know that mobile phone companies have not scratched the surface. Many more models will be coming out all the time and no doubt there will be other iPhone Killers as they call it coming pretty soon. So Apple think about this for a moment, when you increase sales you make other companies like RIM BlackBerry and Palm increase their sales also.

The mobile phone industry is a booming business and we here at phonesreview.co.uk are proud to be a part of this industry, so many different phones and so many choices that users want like do they want mobile phones with Windows, do they want them Mac based or even Symbian and so forth, the list is endless the specs are endless and the fight will always go on.

We can see the new Apple 3G iPhone being the best of them yet, it is expected to be thinner, cheaper, faster and with the likes of GPS, 3G networking, a better camera and so much more you know this is going to be the phone of 2008 and even possibly 2009. Just waiting on you now Mr. Steve Jobs


One thought on “Will the Apple 3G iPhone see decline in RIM BlackBerry and Palm sales? Apparently Not”

  1. Gwalachmai says:

    No, pay attention: iPhone released, everyone calls it the Blackberry Killer, and after a brief spike of fanboi sales, iphone’s sales slump and Blackberrys sales are still rising and didnt even see any slow-down. Now tell me why 3G iphone is any different when 3G Blackberrys are going to be around?

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