Apple iPhone 3G Photo Gallery: Recap on USA and UK Prices

We have many photos below of the Apple iPhone 3G that you may like to see, got to admit we are liking the look of this new iPhone 2. We also thought we would give you a recap on the prices of this new 3G phone for the USA and UK. The Apple iPhone 3G is definitely “Twice as fast, half the price”, well this is Apple’s claim anyway.

Steve Jobs and co done a fantastic job at the worldwide developers’ conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, you can get either 8GB version or 16GB version. This 3G iPhone will be available to buy and of course trade in on July 11th 2008 across 22 countries, in USA the 8GB model will go on sale for £100 while the 16GB version will cost $299. In the UK Cost of 8GB iPhone 3G on the £30 and £35 tariff will cost you £99, the 8GB iPhone 3G on the £45 and £75 tariff is FREE, cost of 16GB iPhone 3G on the £30 and £35 will cost you £159, on the £45 tariff the new 16GB iPhone will cost you £59 and handset is FREE on the £75 tariff.

Now check out all the photos below and get commenting on what you think, bless are you shy, do you not wish to comment? Come on come out of your shell and share with us your thoughts.

apple iphone 3g photo 1

apple iphone 3g photo 2

apple iphone 3g photo 3

apple iphone 3g photo 4

apple iphone 3g photo 5.

apple iphone 3g photo 6

apple iphone 3g photo 7

apple iphone 3g photo 8

apple iphone 3g photo 9


apple iphone 3g photo 11

apple iphone 3g photo 12

apple iphone 3g photo 13

apple iphone 3g photo 14

apple iphone 3g photo 15


3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 3G Photo Gallery: Recap on USA and UK Prices”

  1. OK, let me try not to be shy 🙂

    I went to carphone Warehouse today but didn’t get the price for a single 3G iphone. I was told that I can buy a handset with pay as you go without signing a contact, but the the sales guy couldn’t give me a price quote.

    Do you know how much will it cost without a contract?

  2. Michael Mayuga says:

    Wonder what the next step would be to the 3G iPhone???? and how long will we wait??? White version looks sick. Will we have a choice or will the UK version be in black? Booked a day off on July 11th! :o)

  3. shailendra says:

    i m from india and iphone are very expensive and costly
    and out of my reach but i have heard from friend that in uk and usa they are not as much costly so i want to know that it is right or wrong if right then can you me why they are costly in india and how to get iphone from uk or usa in a cheaper rate
    so can u tell me the way how can i get iphone from uk or usa in less price

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