S60 Touch UI updated by Nokia : video

The big news at the moment is the upcoming launch of the Apple iPhone 3G and that it’ll be shipping worldwide in little more than a month. The iPhone 3G has been grabbing all the attention, so maybe we should just mention one of Apple iPhone’s hard hitting rivals, Nokia.

Nokia has continued to slog away with their touch based mobile solution to the smartphone market with their touch based mobile OS the S60 Touch. The S60 Touch UI has been given an overhaul by Nokia and looks impressive. The S60 UI interaction and menu animations are somewhat similar to the Apple iPhone’s admired UI, and well that’s to be expected.

However when all’s said and done, and push comes to shove, the S60 Touch UI does looks as if it’s shaping up well to become an incredible platform. There have been those within camp Nokia who have been saying the first iteration of S60 Touch OS will probably fall short when compared to the Apple iPhone, which with all the kafuffle over the iPhone its only to be expected, as most will be compared to the iPhone from now on.

However from the looks of the S60 Touch OS video Nokia has posted on YouTube it looks like the S60 Touch OS will stand up just fine and should find its way into many Nokia fans pocket.

Video of the updated Nokia S60 Touch UI below.

Source — pocketpicks

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