Cell-Savers intros the Magi-Privacy Screen for mobile phones

Cell-Savers have introduced the Magi-Privacy Screen, what is it you may well ask, well Cell-Savers describe it as “a new defence for screen privacy of digital devices”. Actually the Magi-Privacy Screen is a one-size fits-all film which when put in place makes your mobile phone’s screen appear to be back to any onlookers who just happen to be trying to view your mobile phone at more than a thirty degree angle, and it doesn’t affect the users straight on view either.

Apparently the sales angle for the Magi-Privacy Screen is shoulder is not just plain annoying but can also endanger the user’s privacy with identity theft, stalking, and even industrial espionage. When purchasing the Magi-Privacy Screen the film is offered on a cut to size basis with the film fitting all mobile screens of up to 4.5 inches, acts as a protective screen, and furthermore it is also suitable for use on touch-screen as well.

magi-privacy screen

The Magi-Privacy Screen can easily be applied with the need for adhesives, and is completely residue free when removed from the mobile screen, and comes complete with a bubble removing card, polish cloth, and full instructions. The magi-Privacy Screen is compatible with mobile phones, PDA’s, smartphones, and multimedia players.

The Magi-Privacy Screen is available now at a cost of £7.99, about $15.20 or €10.15 including post and packaging.

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