Just how much does it cost to make an Apple iPhone 3G $100?

According to some speculative analysis by Portelligent, who is an Austin Texas based is suggesting the latest Apple handset the Apple iPhone 3G actually costs “considerably” less than the first generation iPhone, and this perhaps explains why Apple has set the “not more than $199.00” pricing policy.

Portelligent has told EETimes, that based on what they now about the components that Apple are using in the iPhone 3G, the actual bill for materials could be as low as $100.00 as compared to the original iPhone’s material cost of $170.00.

David Carey, Portelligent’s president told EETimes: “Apple’s really taking the gloves off on this one.” And said that although the GPS and 3G chips add to the cost, the price has halved due to engineering charges. It is thought Apple could be selling the Apple iPhone 3G for $399.00 to mobile phone operators.

Portelligent’s analysis is still only guesses though as they didn’t actually have an Apple iPhone 3G to tear down, and no doubt the profit margin for the iPhone 3G is still fairly handsome even by Apple’s rich standards. Apple could well be charging its partners $399.00 per handset, and carriers such as AT&T and others could well be subsidising the Apple iPhone 3G $199.00 sale price by as much as $200.00.

The Yankee Group’s Carl Howe states: “If these numbers are true the iPhone 3G could end up being the most profitable product Apple makes.”

Source — apple20

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