Dubai Businessman gets seven years for £1.8m mobile phone VAT fraud

What happens if you lead a £1.8m mobile phone VAT fraud? Well Jasbinder Singh Bedesha, of Al Seef Tower, Dubai got the answer. Jasbinder Singh Bedesha was sentenced for last week for his part in a £1.8m mobile phone VAT fraud and money laundering operation.

He is the fifth man who has been jailed for his part in the fraud; Jasbinder Singh Bedesha was sentenced for seven and half years for his crime which is conspiracy to launder money, with both sentences to run concurrently. He will now join the other five men who were sentenced earlier on in the month, the total sentence for all five adds up to 22 years for their part in the VAT ‘missing trader’ fraud operation. This was a highly sophisticated fraud that helped launder £2.5 million (Dh17.9m) which included £1.8m obtained through VAT fraud.

The money was cleverly laundered through a bank account that belonged to a fake company which was set up in the Emirates and named after Bedesha’s daughter, Anisha. The trial lasted nine weeks at Birmingham Crown Court and Bedesha, 46, who lived in the Al Sheef Tower in Dubai Marina, was indeed one of the main ringleaders of the highly sophisticated laundering gang.



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  1. Singh says:

    you lot dont know what happened about the case so dont get involved and labelling him as some kind of fraudster!!