Holographic projection from your mobile phones within 2 years says Infosys

Holographic mobile phones may be on the way in the not too distant future, as an Indian company is promising holographic handsets within two years. Infosys is a large technology company in India, and they are apparently developing mobile phones which are capable of capturing, projecting and sending 3D image, in essence a holograph.

According to Infosys, “by the year 2010 the mobile phones will “routinely” beam 3D films, games, and virtual goods, and will have particular applications in the business world helping accident investigators, teachers and doctors.”

phone hologram

These new holographic projecting mobile phones will incorporate a powerful processor which will take a 2D image and then create 3D holograms by way of using “Fourier” algorithms to give them a third dimension without resolution loss.

The patent, which was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office, says “this allows complex 3D holographic images to be squeezed through the narrow pipes of existing communications networks, by sending only the unprocessed data to be translated into the 3D hologram at the other end.”

An Infosys spokesperson said: “Holographic handsets have the capability of enriching the user experience, with an actual 3D experience and higher-quality images. This gives users a more realistic experience in areas like gaming, medicine, movies etc”.

Wow, beam me up Scotty, what next will the mobile phone boffins come up with? Sounds ultra-cool though!

Source — zdnet


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  1. Ben Rudder says:

    I have had a series of ‘visions’ (thrown to knees, head jerked upward and ‘seeing’ some future event) about events leading to an ‘endtimes’ and a time beyond that – over 30 years, ending ten years ago. I asked for guidance: What should I do with this? – No answer. When will it happen? Another ‘final’ vision showing me using a ‘wristwatch-cellphone-with-holographic-display-of-person-on-other-end’. This was over ten years ago and I have been looking for the technology to develop ever since. Last year’s announcement by infosys makes that final vision possible in next couple years….

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