Seven Apple iPhone 3G problems that will disappoint or will they? Video

The new Apple iPhone 3G is said to be 4.7 ounces in weight which would be awesome, it will probably do everything the Apple iPhone has been known to do and more besides, all the usual stuff such as web surfing, email, music and movies, all at a much faster speed of course.

However, much like most things, and despite Steve Jobs attention to detail, even the iPhone 3G will have its flaws no doubt. So here are at least seven probable disappointments you can expect from the all new Apple iPhone 3G.

Firstly and most obvious has to be Apple’s pricing, which starts at $199.00, but actually it will cost $160.00 more over two years than its original counterpart, why? Because those guys at AT&T have up-priced data plans for the iPhone to recoup some of the subsidised up-front cost of the Apple iPhone 3G

So what next, how about no replacement batteries? Most people on the move just don’t have time to bother with time to recharge their mobile handset. What they do is carry replacement batteries and simply pop them in when needed. However it’s not that simple with the iPhone 3G as it’s a major operation to crack open the casing to insert a new battery.

Moving on there is video recording; Apple’s computers come loaded with iMovie, while the Apple iPod with the exception of the Shuffle of course has evolved into a neat little video viewer. But what about the video recording on the iPhone 3G? well maybe you should think about going over to Sony if you require video recording as Apple has seemed to neglect this feature on the iPhone 3G, and let’s face it even low end mobiles have this ability these days. Although having said that give the developers their due, they have now enabled the iPhone for video recording, as per video below will show.

The next failing is the lack of Flash; the iPhone is a very capable web browser with the ability to simply touch a link to grab a webpage makes surfing easy rather than a chore. The main problem is many websites are out of the iPhone 3G’s capabilities because of its Flash content, and as we all know the iPhone 3G just doesn’t support Adobe Flash, even though Adobe are working hard to make their Flash tech iPhone friendly.

Ok, so what about multimedia messaging service, well what about it, the iPhone 3G doesn’t support it that’s what. This must be one of the most maddening of disappointments with the iPhone 3G simply because there are millions of cheap mobile phones that do support multimedia messaging, and yet the super duper Apple iPhone 3G doesn’t. I just wonder why?

The sixth disappointment comes with the lack of cut and paste; it seems strange that this simple operation cannot be accomplished by the iPhone 3G. The total inability to cut a chunk of text and paste it into another app just rules out so much simplicity and also would make blogging from the iPhone 3G that much easier. What’s more is that it could be done without screwing with the iPhone 3G’s interface, so just why Apple decided against the cut and paste option is baffling to say the least.

And last but not least the lack of voice dialling; yes no voice dialling with this baby, so if you’re out travelling you’ll have to tap in that number rather than speak it. Back to the fumbling of fingers to get that call made. Although there is a rumour floating about the net waves that someone is working on a speech recognition app for the iPhone 3G. Guess we’ll have to wait and see about this one then.

Ok there you have it, seven, yes count them, disappointments with the Apple iPhone 3G, and that’s before the handset comes out to the public. So, will these disappointments put you off the new Apple iPhone 3G?


11 thoughts on “Seven Apple iPhone 3G problems that will disappoint or will they? Video”

  1. ijah420 says:

    Nit Pick ALL u want….

    All 7 of these trite faults can ALL be solved via apps. Man alive you can never please u folkes.


    GOOD GOD!!

    iJah420 discusted once again by ignorance.

    WAH WAH WAH!!!

  2. ijah420 says:

    OH 1 more thing.

    Flash is OLD tech…and is a dog on a mobile if not done RIGHT!!…

    There are better alternatives out there.. how many devs write pascal anymore? Huh?… thats Flash… out with old in with the new…

    ex. All the pc folk laughed @ AAPL for not including a floppy drive…. same goes for the lack of drive in the Macbook Air.. PC NERDS just cannot think different…..nor can they think long term….YOU KNOW WHY? because they are so busy fixing such a half baked OS!!! Good luck with your Vista installs…!!!!! good grief.

    iJah420 says GOOD LUCK Nokia. SPRINT BAH!


  3. Lol@you says:

    If you’re going to put something on the web critisizing a major company, be sure to word your sentences so they sound like someone mature is talking, not a 15 year old whiner. Stuff like, “Ok, so what about multimedia messaging service, well what about it, the iPhone 3G doesn’t support it that’s what” just goes to show how illiterate some people are. Quit crying and go back to your mom.

  4. ijah420 says:


    Problems Magnified

    Consider how you explore the Net on an iPhone compared with on the Instinct ($130 after rebate with a two-year contract). The iPhone’s Mobile Safari browser is in a class by itself: It is the only handheld browser I have used that makes it pleasant to view Web pages designed for big computer displays. The Instinct browser benefits from a big screen, but it is otherwise typical of the lame software found on other non-Apple handhelds. It offers a choice of displaying a page at magnifications labeled 1/2x, 1x, or 2x, a dramatically inferior option compared with the iPhone’s ability to smoothly enlarge and shrink the page with a gesture. As a result, full-size Web pages that the iPhone handles easily are very difficult to read or navigate around on the Instinct.

    iJah420 sick and tired of PC STUPIDITY.


    VERY SIMPLY STATED……….lame software

    BTW i work on one EVERY DAY and have been in IT fo over 20 Years…. the PC is a black hole for support. TOC = BIG $$$$ for WINDOZE SNOWED CORPS…



  5. M1 says:

    You guys are obviously apple geeks who think steve jobs is a god. Any word against your precious apple is blasphemy. The only computers I own are apples, but I can still see their faults. They don’t “just work.” There’s still crashes, there’s still lock ups. They’re just not as frequent as in windows. But they’re still there.

    Anyways, the blogger is right about a lot of those things. The iPhone does need flash. Any piece of worthwhile software needs to be backward compatible, and while some flash is old, ActionScript3 is pretty nice… There are entire websites, which are very popular (Beatport.com comes to mind) and soley written in flash.

    Did the author say anything about PCs? I don’t think so unless I missed something completely obvious. He’s reviewing a phone, not a computer, genius.

    Video recording? Ehh, not a necessity, but it should be included. I have to agree. Same with multimedia text messaging and cut/paste funcitonality.

    pmijah420, you sound very much like someone who has completely bought into the apple hype.

  6. Laura Navin says:

    Ok, so the new 2nd gen iphone has some flaws. I think most people will be able to live with these, as evidenced by the popularity of the first generation iphone. The price – people can afford it, even in this down economy. The battery, companies like ipodjuice.com are out there to help with that issue, when it eventually arises (http://www.ipodjuice.com/iphone-battery-replacement-products.htm). Video recording? The camera suffices for most people, and not being able to record video is not a deal-breaker.

    As a Treo 700p user AND 1st gen iphone user, i can say that not being able to copy/cut and paste in the iphone is a hassle, but still something that most people wil not even think about until they go to use it, and by THAT time they will be so enamored with the other features (3g speeds, crisp display) that they will accept it.


  7. Tim says:

    I have a Blackberry Pearl and an iPhone, whilst being completely amazed by the iPhone interface, and love it, I don’t use it daily because:-

    Battery life – The Pearl goes on, and on, and on for ever. It’s usually 5 days before I need to re-charge, even if I do make a 2-3 hours worth of calls.

    Weight – The pearl is as light as a feather. 44grams (1.5oz) is a lot in the mobile phone world.

    Size – OK, so the screen on the Pearl is half the size, but big enough, and it fits in the pocket just that little bit easier, so you can get it out when sat in the car.

    Heat – I notice my ears getting hot whilst using the iPhone, not at all with the Blackberry.

    My advice to apple would be to keep the screen size, turn the Square menu button into a trackball button and stick it on the the side of the phone and make it smaller (105mm x 50mm like the Pearl is fine), lighter and less of an oven. So the iPhone has a better interface, screen, web-browser, media player etc., but it is not the best phone.

  8. j-gun says:

    you really need to have someone proof-read your writing.

    or bursh up on your grammar and punctuation.

    just a helpful idea…from someone who has read your blog a few times…

  9. AL-Kindi says:

    when i first saw the iphone 3g i was amazed… by the features it has… just cant wait until it is released in my country, i saw the guided tour on apple.com and it jeust keep amazing me.. until i found this article.. i got bit confused.. i really would like to know all the problems it has… does it still lack the bluetooth file sharing like the first iphone..can i get the applications easily for the things which are missing in the iphone..

  10. Hi,

    My Friend has purchased an iphone 3G. She has had it for 2 days and was listening to music and it just turned off?. So We plugged it in to charge it up thinking it had ran out of battery!. But it just made a noise and the screen is just black?.

  11. Hi,

    My friend i did not see this website. before buying IPHONE apple. My bad luck after buying and using 2 days, i found this site. what ever things you had told, i faced all of them in my phone.

    More over, i am more worried about the Touch screen problem. Not some, Most of the people are telling that Half of the Screen will not work. For that, we need to Reset The phone. If it is done. will that problem be SOLVED.

    I know in a developing software and hardware item, too much problem will come and updates will also come from the Company. But, I am not that much Rich to bare those modifications.

    Is it advisable to take the Extended warranty of 39 USD of 2 years. In order to escape any defect such as touch screen MALFUNCTION? Any1 suggest me a idea.

    Thanks in advance PAL

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