What will be the next generation phone? iPhone, HTC Diamond, Samsung Instinct

The title basically is asking what will be the next generation phone, we have listed a few in the title but there are a whole lot more, there are some amazing mobile phones like the Apple iPhone 3G, HTC Touch Pro, HTC Diamond, Samsung Instinct, the list is endless when you think about all the new handsets coming out.

We want to know once and for what the next-gen mobile phone will be, you never know maybe it will have something to do with the coming soon Google Android, what manufacturer will come out on top, will it be Samsung, HTC, Apple, Sony Ericsson, I could sit here all day listing all the names. I personally have been using the Apple iPhone and yes cannot wait for the 11th, the wait is long. I do admit that the Samsung i900 Omnia is very impressive to say the least, spec wise the Samsung i900 is better than the iPhone 3G and the only reason I will stick with Apple is because it is quality, hey you never know I might still buy the i900.

You must have an idea in your head what next generation mobile phone you would love to have, we are only talking about phones that are high tech, quality built, ones with many functions like browser, the feel, and you know technology at its best. So please in the comments area below please do tell us “What will be the next generation phone?


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  1. Faye says:

    If we see how computers evolved: as special purpose items performing specific tasks, the revolution came when the OS made it general purpose, and installing a new OS gave you new features and capabilities.

    Phones just hit that spot. iPhone and gPhone so far are the only ones which would seem to promise upgradability – gPhone because it’s based on Linux, so why *couldn’t* you upgrade? and iPhone because well, Apple has already announced iPhone OS 2.0 for the old iPhone as well as the new. Apple already know how to give developers a return on their investment.

    This is the thing which will stop people thinking of a phone as something you throw away/replace when a better one comes along, but rather as something which can grow with you as your needs change… If you find you need the new hardware, then your software will still be familiar!

    It also seems to be the vehicle by which SAS will reach the mainstream. The OS is provided as part of your service and you can pay more and enjoy Mobile Me syncing your life everywhere you go.

    This seems to be a win-win-win for Apple, the mobile network and the customer… iPhone sales will drive O2’s 3G penetration as more customers want to migrate, customers enjoy faster browsing, a phone which isn’t obsolete every 6 months… (Let’s face it for most of us, 7.2Mbit HSUPA is a pipedream, and where it’s available, there’s 802.11g too)… Apple profits from unit cost, app store, mobile me, so they’re happy. O2 get new customers hand over fist. Customers get a great phone and feed their internet addiction.

    Oh, and Blackberry had better watch out in the UK. Because of their funky signalling, you have to pay a fortune to actually use one as a phone (according to my workplace’s telecoms dept). iPhone can be used as a phone much more reasonably and now it’s got push exchange sync and will hookup via wifi to corporate VPNs.. I think that’ll kill a lot of BB contracts stone dead. Work runs several hundred BB’s and is signing up to test out iPhone.

  2. John says:

    I was going to switch from Sprint to AT&T with iPhone 3G but then I took an hour and tried out Sprint Instinct at the store. It is an awesome phone and a serious competitor (except browser which will be resolved with Opera Mini soon).

    Other than that, it is very customizable, single handed operation for most stuff, fast Touch-screen response, real GPS (unlike iPhone which just tacks on Google Maps) with turn-by-turn directions.

    You can even download Google maps (both street view and satellite view) on Sprint Instinct (should be integrated with GPS in a little while as well). The voice command search is awesome (you say Chinese Food and it will find nearby using GPS and even give you a one-touch number to call or one-touch to turn-by-turn GPS directions), and 30+ TV channels and a lot of Radio channels are included. It also has a camcorder that iPhone doesn’t. It is perfect size (iphone is too wide).

    And best of all, for $69.99 single line or $129.99 for 2 lines, you get everything that iPhone 3G will provide plus UNLIMITED Text messaging (iPhone will cost $20 extra per month!) and UNLIMITED TV and RADIO time (no TV or Radio on iPhone)!

    The TeleNav GPS on Instinct is like high-end GPS unit for a car and it has voice command with real names of streets. It also checks for real-time traffic alerts and re-routes you!

    You can even set Instinct up to announce (text to voice) the names of phone callers on incoming calls or text messages!

    And it cost me $129.99 at BestBuy (no mail-in rebates needed) with renewal of 2-year contract (I was 23 months into the contract). This is the best deal for my money and I got 2 of them for me and my wife and she loves it!

  3. rt says:

    I have purchased 2 phones in the last 10 years. The first was a Motorola, the first TriBand. All it was was a phone. Between then and now, work offered me Palms and BB’s and I just said “no”. The phones were way too complicated, a DayTimer worked better.

    Then Apple’s phone was announced. Instinctively, I knew this was the game changer I had been waiting for. It’s everything I wanted in a phone and more.

    I’ll get a 3G when it comes out, and my relatives, who rarely take my counsel, are now going to buy iPhones as well.

    Apple has won this one, hands down. The next 3-5 years are all Apple’s turf. The rest of the handset makers will chase this winner with copies, watching and following.

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