Nokia plan free mobile software to battle Google Android and Apple iPhone

Nokia are out to be the biggest on the market and they are ready to battle the likes of the Apple iPhone and Google Android, Nokia have already moved in to counter an attack on the growing threat of Apple and Google.

Nokia has plans and they consist of racing ahead in the way of next-generation mobile phones by taking control of the market, they will do this now for mobile phones by taking control of British software company Symbian and are announcing plans to make its mobile phone software free of charge. Symbian which Nokia helped create with United Kingdom based Psion 10 years ago which makes the operating system software that indeed sits nicely on the apparent smartphones, mobile handsets that can access the internet and play music. We all know that mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful as time goes on and even without a doubt becoming more powerful than laptops, smartphones are the future we know that and these phones are not all about making phone calls or sending text messages anymore, it is all about the software within that will power such devices to become more than just a basic phone. Software makes more money than the hardware that is fact.

The new entrance of Apple with their iPhone 3G and of course plans for Google with their Android OS later this year do indeed threaten the position of Symbian and Nokia, who will be victorious, is anybodies guess.

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