O2 PAYG iPhone 3G pricing website slip-up error, oops

People should be so careful when it comes to things being secret, well O2 slipped up big time. We revealed today about the O2 PAYG iPhone 3G pricing which we say is definitely all true and correct, but O2 did not want us knowing these pricings yet, oops.

This is definitely an O2 PAYG iPhone 3G pricing website technical error, according to the source below O2 will neither confirm nor deny costs following site slip-up, which tells us the pricing is all good. These prices for the Pay & Go Apple iPhone 3G was supposed to be a highly guarded secret, some guards they turned out to be. The official O2 website on Wednesday revealed the Pay and Go iPhone 3G information regarding the costs for non-contract customers. The costs that were briefly posted online were £299.99 for the 8GB model and 16GB for £359.99 on any Pay and Go options with a £10 per month data option after 6 months.

Why the big secret anyway, it is good for customers to know the price as it gives us a heads up on if we want to buy an O2 PAYG iPhone 3G phone instead of contract. Come on O2 you might as well put the info back on your site seeing as we all know now. Wonder who is getting the sack for this website error slip-up.

Anyway will you be getting contract iPhone 3G or the PAYG option?


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