No unlimited data plans for iPhone 3G from Rogers Wireless

With the imminent arrival of the Apple iPhone 3G hitting the shelves, virtually every supplier the world over has adopted the unlimited data pricing structure, well virtually everybody, except Canada’s Rogers Wireless for some reason they seem to wish to be far from the norm.

So with this in mind, here’s a lesson in how not to do business, generously supplied by Rogers Wireless. It appears that Rogers Wireless don’t quite see themselves as other Apple iPhone 3G suppliers, and they have decided not to adopt the unlimited data plans, something that seems to mock those Canadian iPhone 3G hopefuls, and could well cost Rogers Canada a bundle in lost sales.

One would have thought Rogers would have simply adopted the unlimited data plans the same as the world over, but perhaps their thinking is to gain as much revenue out of Canadian iPhoners, regardless of supplying a decent service that would keep the customer happy.

It also appears that Fido also has the exact same pricing, so it would appear that Canada is definitely NOT the place to become an iPhone owner. Which means that all Canadians have no choice but to either be ripped off to fill Rogers and Fido’s covers or just go without the Apple iPhone 3G, personally if I were Canadian I’d opt for something else just to spite their greediness.

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5 thoughts on “No unlimited data plans for iPhone 3G from Rogers Wireless”

  1. Stephane says:

    RIGHT ON! I live in Canada and have been a loyal Rogers customer for 10+ years and this announcement by Rogers is so INSULTING, I plan to cancel my internet and cell phone services ON July 11th. I will buy an iPod touch instead and use a separate cell phone with Telus mobility.

    Rogers (nicknamed “Robbers” in Canada) will not be getting any more of MY money come July 11th and I hope the iPhone launch in Canada is a COMPLETE failure while being a huge success everywhere else!


  2. Grace says:

    gotta stick with a telus smartphone instead then, i was really looking forward to buying a rogers iphone. another sale that they’ve lost.

  3. Sean says:

    Just a note to explain: Fido is owned by Rogers, so no surprise that the prices are the same. Since Rogers/Fido is the only network in Canada that supports the iPhone, they also have a total monopoly.

  4. macDIESEL says:


    HaHa I totally agree with you, Teddy Rogers is so dam GREEDY. Don’t even get me started, their customer service workers are poorly trained and rude. I’m tired of Rogers, so I plan to start switching my emails from my rogers accounts to a gmail account, and then cancel my internet and TV.

    I was eagerly waiting for the 3G iPhone, Rogers dropped the ball and gave me another reason to leave.

    @Sean, you’re Canadian as well? Lots of people out there don’t know Fido is Rogers, even Canadians.

    Koodo is new to the game in Canada, but aren’t they owned by Telus? Not sure.

    All we need are more players into the the carrier arena, so the prices will drop and we’ll get more options. Pissed Rogers customers will bail so fast.

  5. sacha says:

    I sooooooooo want the Iphone but with a minimum monthly bill averaging $85+(All taxes and fees included) I have to forget about it…. I can’t afford to put so much cash on a cellphone,
    I have a life other than my cellphone you know!
    I can’t wait for another phone company to provide service for the Iphone and kick Rogers in the nuts!

    sign the petition on http://www.ruintheiphone.com

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