iPhone 3G FAQ sent to retail employees from Apple: Are they really Playing dumb?

We want to know “Are retail employees selling the Apple iPhone 3G really dumb? Ok this is a little rude but oh well just something we want to know. Apple has sent out an iPhone 3G FAQ memo to retail employees which tell us they are playing dumb over activation.

The frequently-asked questions list has been distributed to Apple retail store employees; do not get to excited the list has nothing special on it. The list tells us that neither Apple not AT&T is sure on the completion of the activation process for the Apple iPhone 3G for customers on July 11th. We know for a fact that customers will ask about how the activation process works, customers will ask, can we activate from home. Well apparently retail staff will reply “I don’t have any details at this time about activation.

The source “Apple Insider” has a detailed description revealing all, and the bit we really love has to be “If a customer says, “I just bought a first generation iPhone. Will I be able to upgrade to an iPhone 3G at a discounted price or exchange it for an iPhone 3G?” Apple store reps are being told to say that they “don’t have any information regarding upgrades.” Love that. Please visit the source link below for more info, but PLEASE come back and let us know what you are thinking.

Source — Apple Insider

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