Telcel Apple iPhone 3G in Mexico price plans: Very good

Many carriers have different strategies when it comes to the all new Apple iPhone 3G especially when it comes down to the price plans, well in Mexico Telcel are the people who are releasing it in this country. Their price plan is a little similar to that of AT&T.


The plans from Telcel will run between MXN $399.60 and $876.90, it is also available in US Dollar denominations of $41 to $90.85 after tax of course. The phones are priced on a graduated scale accordingly which are as follows, the iPhone 3G 8 GB model goes from MXN $3,199 down to free and the iPhone 3G 16 GB model is priced anywhere from MXN $4,459 and $1,259 which is around $311 U.S and free because frees free in any currency, $433, and $122, respectively. So this means at the cheapest price plan works out that both 8GB and 16GB models cost over $100 more than their US equivalents, however the plan’s only $41 at that level which will get you 200 voice minutes, 100 messages, and 100MB of data. Extra texts are 74 centavos (about 8 cents) and of course data, which is a must with a cost of 5 centavos per KB. This seems like small money, but when you add it up it tallies up to around $4.86 USD per megabyte. WARNING you now so be careful.

Source — iPhone Telcel


2 thoughts on “Telcel Apple iPhone 3G in Mexico price plans: Very good”

  1. Carlos says:

    > $4.86 USD per megabyte. WARNING you now so be careful.

    If this is very good, perhaps I should get new glasses. This is a big rip off. Unless there is a way to disable the 3G data network, I won’t be buying an iPhone from Telcel. Many say, “then get an iPod Touch”, but that defeats the purpose of having a phone. We really need a way to be able to control whether we use WiFi or 3G and disable 3G if it suits our needs. No way I will pay thousands of pesos a month to Telcel and a voice/data plan over $100 USD a month is really too much. Typical of Mexican business, try to bilk the customer out of lots all at once instead of giving them a useful plan and making money little by little.

  2. lol says:

    Yes, you can disabled 3G, and only work with Wi-Fi. That’s very easy:
    Settings -> Netowork -> Disable 3G

    Smart people is using 3G only for emergencies. Consider that many places have WI-Fi enabled. (Shopping malls, restaurants, parks, etc)

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