Extrodinary demand for the Apple iPhone 3G according to RBC Panel

Well looks like everything is coming up rosy for Apple at the moment ahead of the big big iPhone 3G launch next Friday 11th July. It appears that consumers have placed “unprecedented” demand on Apple for their latest iconic mobile phone the iPhone 3G according to new data from RBC’s Technology Adoption Panel.

So here are a few choice points to mull over from RBC analyst Mike Abramsky’s note: to start off with, 56 percent of those planning to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days plan to purchase an iPhone, up from 35 percent in March, while 25 percent may buy the 3G iPhone “sometime in the future,” more than twice the interest shown by the panel in March, 2007, ahead of the first iPhone launch.

Also, Top reasons for buying the iPhone include lower price 67 percent, 3G Internet connection 63 percent, GPS 47 percent, Microsoft (MSFT) Exchange email support 35 percent, and third-party apps 20 percent, purchase interest in Apple is 2x or more that of other brands surveyed: RIM 23 percent (RIMM), Palm 3 percent (PALM), HTC 2 percent, Nokia 2 percent (NOK), Samsung 2 percent, Motorola 1 percent (MOT), others 11 percent. And finally, the jump is the largest interest ahead of any consumer phone launch recorded by RBC’s panel since 2003.

So there it is, good news all the way for Apple and their Apple iPhone 3G.

Source — alleyinsider

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