Apple iPhone 3G Scoop: No Pay & Go and No White iPhone’s

This may be the most disappointing day of your life after reading this, sorry to be the Apple iPhone 3G Grim Reaper but we have to say it how it is.

We have told you a number of times about the pre-ordering of this new handset and how the site crashed and of course leaving O2 UK store out of stock, well we have some more news for you.

The Carphone Warehouse revealed yesterday that the Apple iPhone 3G will not be available on the promised Pay & Go basis, well not until Christmas anyhow. Even worse news is that Carphone Warehouse and O2 have said that they will have no stocks of the stunning white version of the iPhone 3G for Friday’s launch.

So this means when you go to your local store you will only be able to get black ones and not white, now that is a kick in the teeth if you were looking forward to the white iPhone 3G.

The white Apple iPhone is only available is the larger 16GB version, O2 has said that only the black 16GB iPhone will be available at launch with the white model “coming later” while Carphone Warehouse has informed us “that the white 16GB model won’t be available at launch”.

Were you expecting to get your hands on the white version, or you not really bothered?


One thought on “Apple iPhone 3G Scoop: No Pay & Go and No White iPhone’s”

  1. Ed says:

    Ether its true that Steve is a racist and hates the English or O2 are possibly the most unreliable company ever! What a joke yesterday was! I cant actually believe that was an accident, nobody can screw up that bad unless it was deliberately!
    Utter phallus heads!

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