Phones Review will be at the O2 Farnborough, Hampshire Store on Friday

I will be at the O2 Farnborough, Hampshire Store on Friday to pick up my Apple iPhone 3G, be good to see how busy the store will be and even better to see if O2 staff is coping with the high-demand.

When I get back I will be publishing how I got on and what people were saying, we hear at Phones Review will keep ourselves secret so that we can experience what everyone else is experiencing.

But we will indeed be picking up on everything, like how long we were in the queue for, what we had to do when we were in the O2 store, how the staff coped, were the staff helpful and how long it took me to get the iPhone 3G in my hands.

When we get back we will reveal what we experienced and of course we will be giving you an out of the box hands-on review with photos and video.

The question is “Will the hype for this new device pay off?

We just chose a random store to go to, we want to be different and chose this store instead of a big store say in London, the reason for this is because everyone want’s to be at the biggest store to report the news. This is why Phones Review are different, we give the little store a chance to shine.

If you have anything to say about the Apple iPhone 3G and indeed anything to do with Friday 11th please do share your thoughts with us.

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