Apple iPhone 3G day 8AM tomorrow are you ready?

Tomorrow is the BIG day Apple iPhone 3G DAY, so are you looking to grab hold of one of the most anticipated mobile phone to come out from Apple so far? Of course you are, but, are you completely prepared to hand over your credit card and social security number to become the proud owner of the Apple iPhone 3G?

Previous speculation that Apple would not accept any iPhone 3G handsets to be sold without a contract is confirmed by Apple demanding that all iPhone 3G purchasers sign a two year contract and activate their handset in-store.

Actually the fine print goes like this… “New two-year contract required. Qualified customers only; credit check required.”

Which means when you stomp into your local Apple or AT&T store, all of which reported to be opening bright and early at 8AM on Friday 11th July, you will need to prepare yourself to go through the rigors of activating a new two year contract, hand over your credit card and Social security number, presumably so they can snoop your background as god forbid anyone who is unworthy managing to get hold of an Apple iPhone 3G!!

And so, the big rush begins tomorrow here in the UK, I’m just wondering if O2 and Carphone Warehouse are ready, or just what would happen if the Apple iPhone 3G didn’t turn out to be as popular as expected?

Source — intomobile

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