Should Apple be sued for compensation over iPhone 2.0 and iTune problems?

I have been looking at several of the replies to our iphone posts, and to say the responses are much the same would be an understatement; 94 so far on one post; 55 so far on another, and all saying much the same.

Everyone is experiencing the same difficulty. Replies are coming in: “I haven’t been able to find a fix. I assume the iTunes servers are taking a beating right now!”

Another: “I’m really freaking annoyed I waited on the phone for 30 minutes for the iPhone rep to get an attitude and tell me what was wrong before I could get a word in! Now myself and countless other iPhone users are going to be phoneless until the server clears up.”

This one is probably right…”Been on hold for 50 minutes now!!! I think AT&T is scared to answer the phones…

I could go on and on but virtually every post is the same…people are not happy, not happy at all with what is going on, and you can’t blame them. Apple is a fairly big company, they should have easily anticipated what might have happened and acted accordingly with some backup plan of action.

Maybe they should be sued for neglecting to formulate an alternate plan, after all isn’t that what they pay their supposed geniuses at the top of the ladder for?

But I suspect the dollar bills began rolling in the Apple eyes rather than actually making sure everything would run as smooth as humanly possible. But them again it is only the customer’s who are let down, Apple will still scrape in their entire lovely much deserved iPhone cash.

Should Apple be sued for compensation over iPhone 2.0 and iTune problems? we do not have a working phone, it will only work for emergency calls only, this cannot be right, we are still paying for our contract, why should we pay if we ain’t got a working iPhone!!

So, how about this Mr. Apple iPhone Company…Come across with a discount as fair compensation for creating the biggest balls-up in mobile history!


6 thoughts on “Should Apple be sued for compensation over iPhone 2.0 and iTune problems?”

  1. they should be sued, if you go class action i want in. I waited in line for 4 hours, they deactivated my old phone and gave me a shiny new paper weight. Now I have no working phone. Bastards. Maybe they can give us a rebate like before, but this time it can be used to buy iTunes stuff because they messed this up bad.

  2. Sorn says:

    Im with you John…I should have known better then to trust these two great companies (apple and att). There’s just no excuse for piss poor planning. Being on call 24/7 what am I supposed to do now? Tell my employer to call my wifes cell?

  3. Chris Haine says:

    Exeter Carphone Warehouse, Princesshay no problems! Strolled in at 08.20am reserved 3G 8GB iPhone and was processed by 11.00am. Home and hooked up to itunes and fully activated 3G phone by 14.00pm. Great store, great service, great atmsosphere, great team! Many, many thanks to sales staff – Stuart and Ian and credit also to Manager Dave in the way he runs his store and team – first class! Thank you. Chris Haine an appreciative customer

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