iPhone 3G Customers, are you still unable to make calls?

On Friday July 11 many customers were standing in queues for hours and hours for the all new Apple iPhone 3G, which of course was great because you wanted this handset so much.

But what many customers did not expect was the fact of not being able to make phone calls not alone being able to get on the internet.

Ok yes Apple announced that they sold over 1 million Apple iPhone 3G devices, but oh yes many angry customers posted online demanding their money back. The iPhone 3G offers faster internet but cannot be used of course until you sign a contract and the SIM card has been activated.

We all know that activations normally are pretty quick, but not this time round it wasn’t, the demand for this device was so high activation systems flawed, and yes we are talking about O2’s system, O2 seemed to buckle under the enormous pressure.

Well today is Tuesday July 15 and it seems customers are still having problems, they are still waiting for their handsets to be activated, we want all those that come to Phones Review to let us know if your Apple iPhone 3G is still waiting to be activated.

Of course Apple has declined to say how many customers have been affected, but reports on the web say at least 2,000 Carphone Warehouse customers have been affected by this problem.

Please let us know if you still have activation problems?


3 thoughts on “iPhone 3G Customers, are you still unable to make calls?”

  1. Robert Garesse says:

    Still waiting. 3G bought from carphone warehouse on 11th. 02 and carphone warehouse helpdesks are surprisingly unhelpful. No response to email questions at all.

    Good job O2.

  2. martin davies says:

    Still waiting!
    Purchased my iPhone from Apple store on Friday.
    had to manually fill out a form and give details to 02 over the phone (thanks to their more than useless gateway system crashing!)
    NOw 3.30pm on tuesday and still not activated, despite 02 telling me at the weekend it would take no more than 3 days from purchase!

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