Is your old mobile just collecting dust?

What happened to your mobile when you were sent your shiny new upgrade? If it’s sitting in the back of your cupboard collecting dust why don’t you recycle it and make yourself some hard cash?

Research shows there are 80 million mobiles un-loved mobiles sitting in people’s homes, you can earn up to £20-£150 per phone.

You can ask at your high street retailer what they will offer you for your old handsets, but we have found the super speedy web based buying companies pay more, the process is simple, you go to their website and tell them what model of mobile you want to trade for cash, they will tell you a price, if you agree they will send you a jiffy bag and all you do is pop it in and run it down the post office.

I suggest you pay the extra postage and send it recorded delivery the phone recycle companies will not pay if they do not receive the phone.

Sadly not every dinosaur of a phone is worth a wad of cash, it needs to be able to turn on, and no more than cosmetic damage. Before sending, be sure to take the SIM card out and remove any of your passwords from the handset, the best way to do this is ‘reset factory settings’ from your phones menu.

I recommend three companies who I know of who are very good www.mopay.co.uk www.mazumamobile.com and www.envirofone.com I suggest that you ask for a quote from all three companies before making your decision.

If you don’t need the cash the great thing about recycling your mobile is that you are actually helping the environment, phones can decay and release harmful substances so don’t just throw them in the household rubbish do your bit for the environment and dispose of them safely.

Just wish to say Thank you to Nikki for this information.


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