MobileMe Compatibility Problems: Should customers get Refunds?

It seems whilst Apple is moving their .Mac customers across to the cross-platform MobileMe web suite services there are things happening that should not be happening.

There are apparently many compatibility problems that are coming to the surface and customers are demanding refunds for the troubles, they want refunds for those particular days when the subscription service was unavailable and of course when it went through problems.

There were a few Windows PC customers who suffered where they complained that the MobileMe Mail does not work in Internet Explorer 6 and earlier.

We here at Phones Review would have to say “Get a real browser, oh and a real OS, just thought I would say what many of you would.

We want to know if any MobileMe customers have faced troubles and if so what troubles were they, we want to know what you know so other readers can help you in the right direction.

Do you think the complaining customers should get a refund?



One thought on “MobileMe Compatibility Problems: Should customers get Refunds?”

  1. Bren says:

    Your comments on EI6 are a little unfair since for many (and I suspect most) of the folks using IE6 have no choice in their work place. Which for most people is of course where .Mac / mobileme is most useful. Many business will not allow other browsers to be installed as a matter of policy. Eventually this will change of course as IE7 becomes the standard.. but you know how painfully slowly business update!! So spare some sympathy for these people not attack them..its grossly unfair mister! 🙁

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