Apple App Store or Windows Mobile Applications? You decide

Apple launch the App Store so what’s the next move, Microsoft shoves up an attempted competing website, attempted simply because it looks somewhat rushed although it is powered by Silverlight. The new website is dubbed “Windows Mobile Applications” and carries the slogan “DO MORE.”

The Microsoft “Windows Mobile Applications” is there to promote most of the applications that are presently available for Windows Mobile, something like 1800 of them. Unfortunately Microsoft has sort of gone overboard in their attempt to seduce users from the App Store and has slavered it with Flash rather than usability.

Mr. Microsoft is not taking a cut of sales for every Windows Mobile app, he just wants to offer one singular website which users can explore to locate new software. Only problem is, said users are not going to find those apps without the use of a search function. So what do Microsoft do, they create a slow moving carousel for looking through those 1800 apps.

Not good enough Mr Microsoft, you’ve been in the game long enough to know better! Although Microsoft has had their Windows Mobile App Catalogue running before the launch of the App Store, so one point to Microsoft.

Source — arstechnica


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