iPhone Dev push out Pwnage Tool 2.0 to unlock the iPhone:video

The iPhone Dev Team has kept their word and gone live with the Pwnage Tool 2.0 app; apparently the iPhone Dev Team wished to push the Pwnage tool out into the wild before any official launch, so that means eager iPhoner’s can have a go at the jailbreaking toll early.

Word is Pwnage Tool is the most safest and easiest way to jailbreak, unlock and activate the Apple iPhone. With Pawnage Tool the iPhoner can hack their iPhone firmware file to auto-restore any 1st-gen iPhone and iPod Touch to full jailbroken status.

Unfortunately, Pwnage Tool 2.0 will not unlock the Apple iPhone 3G, so all you iPhone 3Ger’s out there are out of luck until later when the dev team manage to crack the 3G. Pwange Tool 2.0 will jailbreak and activate the iPhone 3G but it will remain tied to AT&T.

Word is the iPhone Dev Team will roll out an update in due time to unlock the iPhone 3G SIM. Check out the video below for instructions on the Pwnage Tool 2.0.

Source — iphone-dev


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  1. Hi, I jailbreak my iPhone4.1, Cydia is successfully installed and its getting update too. but I am not able to use other SIM card in my iPhone, if I am useing my AT&T sim than it show me local network and I can call any local cell phone, but don’t know, weather this is facility of roaming, as I have OFF my roaming option in my iPhone. I am not sure, wether this is jailbreak or not. When I am using other SIM card then it unable to show network, or it unable to show error message “Unable to Load Network List” and keep searching network then it show “No Service”. Please some one help me, what should I do now. I have iPhone 4.1(8B117).

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