Hackers come up with Pwnage guide for Windows based iPhone

Windows users may be feeling a tad left out after the festivities over the Mac based Pwnage Tool release, but don’t worry Windower’s because the ever present hacking community wouldn’t leave Windows users out in the cold.

Hackers have managed to produce a series of steps to follow so Windows users can possess their very own pwned first generation Apple iPhone.

The whole deal is necessarily for casual jailbreakers as it isn’t as quite straightforward as the Mac version just yet, but it has been alleged it will get you up and running if you starting an Apple iPhone that runs 1.1.4.

There are also additional steps if you have you’ve actually jumped the gun on 2.0, but as always be careful with this type of thing, as we wouldn’t want your precious Apple iPhone to actually stop working now would we, after all we’re not Apple.

If you venture into this pwnage let us know how it goes.

Source — iphonehacks

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