Apple iPhone to gain wireless printing ability?

Its all well and good being virtually completely wireless and digital, but it is still a tad annoying when you have to resort to those bemoaning file transfers just so you can actually get the document off your Apple iPhone and onto a printed hardcopy.

Obviously printing off documents defeats the whole point of digital, but there are those who still like to have that paper copy to hand. Over at iPhone Atlas the guys have some news for us all, and have come up with…

“Analysis of the iPhone 2.0 OS code reveals a directory named “Printers” residing within” Apparently, and well fairly obviously the directory is currently empty, but with the iPhone 2.0.1 OS update that’s due in the near future this could all change.

Rumour has it that that empty iPhone directory could at some point be filled with printer drivers thus enabling wireless printing from the iPhone. Now wouldn’t that be something?


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