Samsung exceeds 150 million mobile phone sales in America

Samsung seem to be doing rather well in the mobile sales arena, and it appears they are doing exceedingly well with virtually every carrier in the American market.

An article in the Korea Times reports Samsung Electronics, the second largest mobile phone manufacturer after Nokia, has exceeded the 150 million mobile handsets sold in the US market since first entering some eleven years ago.

Through some marketing heavy strategies on mobile handsets such as the Samsung Instinct, the Glyde and the BlackJack series seem to take much of the Samsung spotlight, Samsung accredit most of its success to its effectiveness at supplying series after series of low cost mobile flips to customers quickly.

Samsung’s speed at releasing new mobile phones even has other competitors such as Motorola a little left behind and somewhat shell-shocked at times.

Chae Su-yeon, a Samsung spokesperson said: “We are positive on selling some 30 million this year, there, through our strategic partners such as AT&T and Verizon.”

Well done Samsung.

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