Apple iPhone intrigues with top 10 science minded apps.

The science bod’s are always quick to pick up on new tech; they love finding novel ways of sharing, accessing, history changing, and organising how science tech comes about. Most ordinary people leave this kind of thing to those in the know scientifically wise.

However, science is getting a boost in the public arena due to the hungry appetite for exploration and insight on one particular mobile platform, and yes you’ve guessed it, the Apple iPhone.

The elegant optical grade glass and bevelled plastic that is the iPhone is making science on the go a cool and useful pleasing experience, what with the release of in excess of 500 3rd party iPhone apps.

And keeping this science fascination in mind, Seed Magazine has come up with the top ten iPhone apps for the scientist minded, which are…

1. Molecules
2. Starmap
3. Genetic Decoder
4. Jott
5. MIM
6. A Brief History of Genetics
7. Atom in a Box
8. MathU RPN Calculator
9. WeatherBug
10. NASA Image of the Day

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