Peace of mind for parents with T-Mobile USAs Family Allowances plan.

Parents are going to be able to have a bit of control over how their family members use their mobile phones and service on the T-Mobile network because according to Intomobile, T-Mobile USE has announced their new service called Family Allowances.

Taken from the official T-Mobile press release:

With Family Allowances, parents can give their teens an upfront monthly wireless allowance that works on all the phones T-Mobile offers – virtually eliminating the worry of surprise overages. The feature lets parents set and change limits for minutes, messages and downloads (e.g., games, ring tones and wallpaper) using a simple online tool. Once the allowance is reached, the feature shuts off service for that specific element and parents receive a notification.

Parents can stay in contact with their family members by setting up “Always Allowed” numbers that will continue to connect, even after allowances have been spent. Any unlimited calling features that are included in a family’s plan, such as myFaves and T-Mobile-to-T-Mobile, can also still be used, which preserves the value of the calling plan. Additional controls are available so parents can choose to set allowances on unlimited calling features, if desired.

The new T-Mobile Family Allowances will be available shortly via the T-Mobile website and select T-Mobile stores with an introductory rate of $2.00 per month allowing parents to manages all lines with their single T-Mobile family plan.

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