Will iPhone 3G quality suffer as 800,000 are produced per week?

The demand for Apple iPhone 3G’s is always apparent as we keep hearing of supply shortages happening, but maybe the danger that could come about if Apple push the manufacturers for quicker replenishing, quality could become the next issue.

Foxconn has apparently pushed up production of the Apple iPhone 3G, but a newspaper is intimating that at output at 800,000 iPhone 3G handsets per week it is above full capacity limit for Foxconn and quality control could well become an issue.

If Foxconn continue to push out 800,000 per week annual rate will reach 40 million iPhone 3G handset which is way above the estimated 25 million required, but with Apple introducing yet another 50 countries this year, the pressure is certainly on.

There are already signs of a lax quality control as we have already reported on the cracking of iPhone 3G cases, so just how far is Apple prepared to push?

Source — evertiq

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