Apple iPhone app most pointless expensive trash yet?

Mostly applications for the Apple iPhone are not too expensive and have a use, however, the latest Apple iPhone application from developer Armin Heinrich is something else.

Firstly it could easily be considered the most expensive iPhone application ever, at a staggering asking price of £600.00 that’s roughly a $1000, and secondly why would you want an application that does absolutely bugger all?

The “I Am Rich” iPhone application is just a simple red jewel that just sits on your iPhone screen, and that’s it, no hidden functions what so ever.

I guess what the application should say is…”You Are Going To Make Me Rich If You Waste £600 Buying This Piece Of Trash”

According to the developer this application is “a work of art with no hidden function at all”

You’ve got to be joking of course? Does this developer actually anyone with an ounce of brain cell will purchase this?

Of course anyone who does, please let us know so we can send the guys in white coats around.

This application should be followed by the “I Am Dense” application if one purchases it.

Source — 9to5mac


3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone app most pointless expensive trash yet?”

  1. Tommy Kirchmeier says:

    I invented the same thing only it costs £400 and it is called “I am Upper-Middle Class”

  2. thehitman says:

    I thought every app was checked by apple. How could they let someone sell an app for £600 which does bugger all?