O2 and Sony BGM sign deal for MY Play mobile service

When it comes to phone and communications you know it will be good when O2 and Sony BGM are part of it, O2 and Sony BGM has just signed a new deal for the ‘My Play’ service.

The new mobile suite ‘My Play’ is an offering a number of mobile material to subscribers, it is however limited to only one label with no plans in increasing this in the future, customers will be able to get their hands on tracks, realtones, and videos from Sony.

Now the difficult question “How much will it cost?

Well the cost in our eyes it a little too high at 99p per track, a huge £1.50 per video and a big fat £3.50 per realtone.

This will all be available via O2 Active site; this one is live right now so you can go get what you please from the back catalogue on your iPhone till you see fit or when your pocket is low on money.

Personally we will not be using this service, sorry.


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