Video: Is Verizon Wireless LG Dare Pit Bull ad sick?

Below you will see the LG Dare Pit Bull video ad from Verizon which in many eyes will see as sick and cruel, we want to know what you think of the video advert.

Verizon Wireless were indeed adamant that they would continue showing this pit bull ad for the LG Dare, whilst watching the video you will see two pit bull dogs chained up in a junkyard guarding the LG Dare mobile phone.

PETA issued an action alert that triggered 7,000 emails to the outfit’s CEO, this video will never be aired again so watch it whilst you can and pass you own judgement on it. Personally we believe it is a good idea to pull it, but then to others it is all harmless so we will let you be the judge.

Is Verizon Wireless LG Dare Pit Bull ad sick?


6 thoughts on “Video: Is Verizon Wireless LG Dare Pit Bull ad sick?”

  1. Dusty says:

    Oh please. There is nothing in the world wrong with that video. Pit bulls on chains at a junkyard? That’s been done a million times in commercials, TV, movies, and even cartoons! What’s wrong with showing that you should have your pit bull chained up? You animal activists blow everything WAY out of proportion.

  2. eddy lovett says:

    im just stupified that some one in verizons marketing division didn’t see this coming. Animal activists wait for commercials like these to take up their abundance of free time. guranteed those two pitbulls made more money on this ad then the majority reading this.

  3. DeepBlue says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this video. The dog wasn’t hurt and wasn’t hurting anyone. The owner had it tied up……crazy that this is pulled yet some of the US election ads are good to go for TV. Americans….your a weird bunch!

  4. eddy lovett says:

    verizon wireless commercials and US election ads hmm im not seeing the correalation. Your obviously not American and still watching our campaign ads.. thats crazy!!

  5. wow, all I have to say is that I’m not very old, and yet I’m still smart enough to see that this video is competely harmless. It is so immature and ignorant for someone to sit there and say that it shows any form of animal cruelty. People put their animals on chains. It’s not a big deal, and for you to suggest it is is absolutely ridiculous.

  6. John Freeman says:

    Wow really. This was takin off the air because of people who just live to ruin a good thing if they can. I think this commercial is humurous. Nothing bad happens to the dog so what is the big deal I keep my dog on a chian. Does that mean the Feds are going to take my dog away? Have some common sense people!

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