iPhone Bluescreen of Death: App Installs and Update problems

According to IntoMobile there is something called “Apple Logo Screen of Death” also known as “Bluescreen of Death” (BOD) after iPhone application installations and updates.

iPhone problems after problems seem to be looking, what with “The Kill Switch” and lagging problems and now this, apparently there are reports coming in that iPhone’s and indeed iPhone 3Gs that are running on the 2.0 OS and iPhone 2.0.1 OS are having serious problems of crashing after iPhone application installation and updates which is a worry, the “Apple Logo Screen of Death” is rumoured to be random and may need an iPhone restore process to fix it.

We want to know if your iPhone has crashed and if you have come across the iPhone Bluescreen of Death, have you had to put the iPhone back to restore mode and has it bricked you iPhone?

If you do have problems you will need to take these steps:

1. Connect it to iTunes.
2. Hold down the Power/Sleep button simultaneously with the Home button.
3. Keep both buttons pressed down until your iPhone powers off.
4. When your iPhone turns off, release the Power/Sleep button, but keep the Home button depressed until iTunes detects the iPhone.
5. Once iTunes detects your iPhone in restore mode, hit the “Restore” button to get your crashed out iPhone back to working order.


6 thoughts on “iPhone Bluescreen of Death: App Installs and Update problems”

  1. Richard P says:

    I had that problem yesterday i tryed to update a game, and then it updates and says it still has an update so i tryed to download it again. then my phone froze and i restarted it and got the Apple Logo of Death! but i restored it and now its working again. but it is a pain to lose all your data and have to re sync everything

  2. jordan w says:

    ok if you havent figured this out yet all you need to do to get ride of the blue screen of death is get rid of your logiteck quick cam.. how you do this is go into my computer and on the left there will be an link it will say (Add or remove programs) click on it and find your logiteck cam and delete the driver and it’s software then try pluging your iphone in it will deninatly work. if you need more help contact me and jordy_is_the_man@hotmail.com i hope this helps you =)

  3. Luis says:

    hello there,

    i just updated my anyring aplication and i got same problem. But when i plug my iphone to my mac, it doesn´t automaticaly open itunes, i have to open itunes myself and i follow the instruction said here by pressing the power button and home button, it shuts down and by keeping the home button pressed nothing happens in itunes, it does show my iphone connected and if i pressed the power button again it open the blue sreen again. Can someone help me please 🙁

    Thank you in advance

  4. Char-i-am says:

    this happened to my iphone and i cant even restore it in recovery mode, it just says waiting for iphone and then the phone goes bright blue again and im back to square one 🙁

  5. bliss says:

    my iphone 3g ran out of battery and won’t turn on.when i am charging it on wall charger i am getting yellow ,green and sometime blue screen of death. i am tried of searching videos and blog to fix these problem and haven’t got any solution.i am away from home and didn’t bring my laptop.i jailbroke it using redsnow.please help me its urgent and i tried doing holding and pressing home button and power button together nothing happened.i am just tired now..please help

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