Parrot Bluetooth hands-free sales boosted by new legislation

Since legislation on the use of mobile phones whist driving a vehicle came into effect in California last month, along with Washington demanding the use of a headset of some type, Parrot has seen its sales of Bluetooth hands-free kits triple.

Parrot, the world’s biggest manufacturer of Bluetooth car kits and accessories, believes the upturn in Bluetooth hands-free kit sales is due to the aggressive advertising campaign two months prior to the legislation coming into effect.

Senior VP of sales and marketing at Parrot, David Wenning said: “The 28 million licensed drivers in California and Washington have had plenty of time to prepare for the law since the measure was adopted by the Legislature back in 2006 and I think that government agencies and manufacturers of hands-free products have done a really great job of creating awareness among consumers.”

To encourage drivers to comply with the hands-free law, Parrot launched their “Positive Parrot” campaign, which increased traffic to Parrot’s website by 30%.

Source — prnewswire

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