Mobile and fixed home broadband is bundled by O2

Latest news it that O2 has started offering a joint fixed broadband and mobile deal to their customers, customers who sign up will receive O2 Mobile Broadband for £20.00 per month. This new deal will include 3GB of data along with unlimited WiFi, and gives the customer the standard home broadband package free of charge for a year.

A seemingly clever move by O2 which not only adds value for the customer but also actually allows O2 to “own” the customer as with the use of some top notch analytical software, O2 should be able to find out a great deal on their customers internet usage, which could possibly result in far better and more tailored deals from O2.

This new joint package is available to customers who sign-up to O2 Mobile Broadband from 1st August to October 31st 08, and who reside within the O2 Home Broadband network, which is roughly 60 percent of the UK’s population.

This new deal is also available to existing O2 customers currently on Mobile and Home Broadband. Furthermore, customers not covered by O2’s broadband network or wish to upgrade to a higher speed package with gain a £7.50 discount per month on their preferred plan for a year.

Source — intomobile

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